Ice climbing is much about intensity and truth, about values, uniqueness and multiple layers. So its roots may lay now shrouded in wafts of mist, it was born out of curiosity, rebelliousness and adventure. It formed out breath taking stories and charismatic characters. It has an undying pull despite its inherent dangers.

With our Ice Opening we want to celebrate the deep cosmos of ice climbing and share the spirit and the stories behind it.

The Cogne Ice Opening exists already since 2012 and we are happy to announce its 8th edition. If you want to get in touch with the world of ice climbing first time or you want to get tips and tricks from experts, our Clinics all led by UIAGM Guides have it all!

We’re looking forward to meet you at the COGNE ICE OPENING on 12th-15th of December 2019!

Catch up with friends of the winter climbing community, get inspired by Athletes, Mountain guides, ice passionates during the Get Togethers, Films and Presentations in the Evening.

The Cogne Ice Opening is all about the spirit of sharing some intense days together in the Cogne valley where it is `all about the ice´ .

The registration for the Clinics will start on October 1st 2019.


Till the temperatures are cooling down again some reflections on the Element Water

“Water is both

physical and metaphysical nourishment.

When it flows it’s the most vital substance to watch: powerful, magnificent, constantly in motion.


some reflections about WATER!

When it flows it’s the most vital substance to watch: powerful, magnificent, constantly in motion. You can watch at the roaring waterfalls in the Cogne valley in awe, pouring down from the mighty rocks  and you actually might not get bored. Why is that ?

Maybe because water carries so many secrets of life underneath its beauty and power.It is the substance of water that allows our body to live. We need water in a physical way to exist. And yet when we start to interact with water, by, lets say surfing or diving, there’s a whole new component to add. An immaterial value beyond measurement.

Water is both: physical and metaphysical nourishment.

When water freezes its physical state is changed and running water takes on a new  cloak of appearance:  Sublime icefalls are formed and we can start to do the most exciting thing on earth:  Ice Climbing !

We want to welcome everyone eager to unravel the secrets of Ice Climbing.